Monday, November 9, 2015

A Great Time at the Virginia Construction Law Seminar

Adapted from Wikipedia's VA county maps by Set...

Adapted from Wikipedia’s VA county maps by Seth Ilys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just this past weekend, I attended the 36th Annual Construction and Public Contracts seminar jointly held by the Construction and Public Contracts section of the Virginia State Bar and Virginia CLE in Charlottesville, VA.  As always, I caught up with some old friends, met some new ones and, of course, learned something.

This year’s seminar focused on the trial aspects of our construction law practice.  While I am a big fan of mediation to resolve construction disputes as an alternative to litigation, trial is necessary more often than my clients and I would like.  For this reason, the great presentations relating to topics ranging from sources of jury instructions to techniques for examining a construction expert had tips for construction attorneys from relative newcomers to construction law to those with more experience than even I have.

The seminar also finished with a great update on relevant Virginia construction law cases and an update on the newly online and searchable construction law handbook maintained by the Construction and Public Contracts Law section.  I  highly recommend the handbook as a great source for cases (particularly where you aren’t sure where to start).  If you are a member of the section, be sure to use it often.  If you aren’t a construction section member, join and take advantage of this great perk.

So thanks to all of you that said “Hi.”  I always love catching up.  To those of you I missed, sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat and lets catch up soon.

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