Friday, October 9, 2015

Talking Compromise at Construction Law in North Carolina

Thank You from Construction Law MusingsThanks again to my good friend and fellow construction attorney, Melissa Brumback (@melissabrumback) for the opportunity to guest post at her great resource for North Carolina construction law.

In this week’s guest post I discuss how compromise is always an option.  Here’s a bit of a taste:

Lets skip the easy points and head straight for the title of the post. You’ve already done all you can to “fix” the situation, increased manpower, shuffled your workforce and gotten the work done as soon as possible. The party that should be paying you has decided not to do so. You decide that you need to do something besides beg for your money.

If you want more, check out Melissa’s blog and my post: With Construction Compromise is Always an Option.

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