Friday, June 19, 2015

Moral Of His Story: Call Before You Dig

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Utility companies are constantly warning us to ‘call before you dig’, yet despite this well known safety campaign, people are still being injured or killed because they failed to do just that. Gary Norland, a former paper mill worker, knows first hand what can happen when you fail to call before you dig, and he shared his story of being scorched by 12,500 volts of electricity, and his painful journey to recovery with the audience at the Dig Safely New York seminar. Norland says that he hopes his story will remind workers to be attentive, not to take short cuts, and discuss safety on a regular basis. Kevin Hopper, executive director of Dig Safely New York, says his goal for these seminars, that will be held around the state, is to encourage workers to keep safety in mind as the construction season amps up. Not only is failing to call before you dig dangerous, it can be expensive with excavators losing thousands of dollars a year hitting utilities. Click here to read more about this seminar… Image Credit

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